Saffron Dieting

Is Saffron Extract as good as it is said to be?

We have all heard of miraculous diets that have helped people lose weight drastically. All these involve some sort of pill that needs to be consumed, or maybe a machine that you would need to work with a few minutes a day for the next two months. All these things come with raving reviews about how it has changed the lives of so many people. This is all well and good, but the real question there is, how long does the change last?

Fad diets often target a certain portion of your weight in order to allow you to lose weight fast. The herbal slimming teas, for example, claim to cleanse one of your internal organs in order to allow your body to function properly. Most of the weight loss in this plan, in reality, comes from the loss of water because the herbs promote the excretion of wastes, which usually are taken out of the body along with water. This does allow you to lose weight fast, but it also gets you to gain it back rather swiftly.

Fad diets that have you cutting back on certain foods are rather similar, and sometimes even more detrimental to your health. It would tell you to focus only on a certain food type for so many days. Although we would not know it, that type of diet would push us to a state close to malnourishment because we would be depriving ourselves of food from certain food groups, and we need to eat a balanced diet. Since the fad diet is also a fad, it is not designed to be maintained for long periods of time. Once the diet is over, people revert back to their old eating habits. That would result in them gaining all the lost weight.

All this information might push you to doubt all diets and diet pills that are out in the market and you will not be at fault if you did so. The key to knowing if a certain pill is working is to see if the science behind it is sound, and if the ingredients are safe. Take for example Saffron extract.

Saffron has been around for the longest time, widely used in India as both a dye and a spice. This has been sold and consumed widely around the world, but its contributions to weight loss have only been discovered recently. The secret it has lies in its ability to have the body create serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you feel happy and satisfied. So you might be asking why that is important. This is why.

Go back to when you have felt depressed in the past. What is the first urge that you have when you feel this way? Does it not push you to go to your local delicatessen in order to get some sweets into your system? This happens because your brain wants to feel happier, and it also knows that sugar and other sweet products would allow the body to produce serotonin. So when you eat the sweets, you do feel happier. Unfortunately you also feel heavier, and that becomes something that you also need to resolve.

With the consumption of Saffron extract, you will be able to escape the desire to eat sweets because the serotonin will already be in your system. So you will feel happier, and you will be able to escape the dangers of pigging out. All you would need to do after is keep up an active routine in order to lose whatever excess you already have, and that should not be too hard to do.